Ascendens Asia commits to deliver quality-based interventions benchmarked on industry best practices.


We tailor our programs based on leadership competencies critical to the success of the individual and organisation.


We create solutions that are responsive to the needs of learners, leaders, organisations and communities.


4 Divisions of Ascendens Asia

Corporate Programs Division

Cost-effectiveness in training is not simply measured by the outright costs of developing people but based on the long-term and improved performance of those who receive what they need most to reach their maximum potential. Learn more...

Public Programs Division

Ascendens Asia International Centre for Leadership Studies (AAICLS) fulfills the group's educational and human capital development mission by offering a short courses and applied learning experiences to a broad and inclusive community of students and professionals.  Learn more...

Online Learning Division

Ascendens Asia's Online Learning Division thru reaches out to the world to bring innovative learning approaches, where the physical requirement to deliver training and education renders it difficult to realise.  Learn more...

Social Responsibility Division

We have initiated our social responsibility programs through a project promoting infusion of ideas related to leadership, corporate governance, and sustainability.  Learn more...

Master Certificate from Ascendens Asia, Singapore

We create solutions that are responsive to the needs of learners, leaders, organisations and communities.

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We aspire to advance Asia!

We aspire to advance Asia!

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  1. Diploma in Sustainable Development Leadership
    • Master Certificate in Change Management and Sustainable Leadership
    • Master Certificate in Risk Management
    • Master Certificate in People and Talent Management
    • Master Certificate in Fundamentals of Business Data Analytics
    • Master Certificate in Learning Design
    • Master Certificate in Strategic Marketing, Selling & Distribution
  2. International Master Certificate in Event Management
    • Certificate in Event Management Fundamentals
    • Certificate in Event Planning and Coordination
    • Certificate in Event Risk Management
    • Certificate in Event Leadership

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Diploma in Sustainable Development Leadership

Ascendens Asia provides international Diploma certificates in completion of its required Master Certificates.

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