5-Day “MBA” Workshop

Arm yourself with the 10 vital business skills you need to make sound business decisions

Wherever you are, how you do business is changing fast. Competition is fiercer than ever. How well you can grasp and handle data, reduce risks, and manage people, processes, and new technology is being tested daily. You’re also expected to innovate, strategize, and lead with success.

In this one-of-a-kind program, you’ll explore these vital skills and behaviors, guided by leading business experts, and practice applying them in an intensive business simulation. Each new skill you explore will inform and support every other skill. Working alongside peers from a variety of industries, you’ll also develop the leadership skills you need to apply these behaviors on the job. This hands-on, 5-day immersive course, filled with exercises and insightful videos, offers you the unique opportunity to experience what every business must do—cut costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risks—with a holistic, game-changing approach that can have a lasting positive impact not only on your career, but your entire future.

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