We aspire to build our distinct Asian brand of leadership.


To deliver excellent competency-based leadership programs with results.


Assurance. We commit to deliver quality-based interventions benchmarked on industry best practices.
Strategic. We partner with you in responding to essential key areas of performance.
Competency-driven. We tailor our programs based on leadership competencies critical to the success of the individual and organisation.
Excellence. We strive to achieve optimal results through qualitative and quantitative metrics.
Nurturing. We engage you to unlock your potentials for effective and meaningful leadership.
Dynamic. We create solutions that are responsive to the needs of learners, leaders, organisations and communities.


  • Innovative program offerings borne out of industry-based and scholarly research.
  • Pool of experts with extensive years of experience in:
    • leadership development
    • consulting
    • training design and delivery
    • coaching and mentoring
    • project management
    • organisational development
    • human resource management


  • To provide innovative delivery channels for teaching and learning
  • To promote the highest level of governance, ethics, integrity and social responsibility.
  • To provide continuing upgrade of skills and knowledge to meet current and future challenges and business and career opportunities in private and public sector
  • To undertake research on key business management areas to respond to current issues and problems.
  • To achieve a high degree of customer service orientation in the delivery of courses.