Course Description
Event Management is a rapidly growing field. Whether you are an experienced event manager or you find yourself tasked with event management duties and responsibilities, you must be prepared to meet the increased demand for highly skilled professionals to manage the crucial aspects and the business of event management.

Dr. Joe Goldblatt’s works were instrumental in developing this seminar that exhibits the global event management competencies. Dr. Goldblatt’s event management model focuses on the art and science of event management. Participants will acquire tools, techniques and best practices to help them sharpen their ability to deliver more effective and successful event outcomes.

The course is designed to provide participants basic knowledge and guidelines on how to systematically conduct events of varying nature in accordance with professional standards:

  • Plan and implement events and other related activities with accuracy and competence;
  • Apply the organized and systematic procedures in conducting events of any type, size and complexity, in accordance with global industry standards;
  • Implement the structured procedures of event management in their respective workplace ;
  • Identify risks in event management; and
  • Define the role of event managers
    • Process of Event Management
    • Essential Event Elements
    • Planning and Organizing the Event
    • Coordinating the Event

Target Participants
This seminar is ideal for you if you are:

  • Tasked with handling some or all event planning, organizing, coordination and management duties for your company or organization.
  • In need of enhancing your skills in event management.
  • Interested in starting a new career in meetings, events, hospitality.
  • Preparing for industry certification


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