Event Terms and Condition


General Process

  1. Visit EventsReg.AscendensAsia.com.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. If profile is already created, click “Join this Event”

Research Presenter

  1. Choose among the event roles applicable.
  2. After the General Process, submit your Research Abstract at the event page (EventsReg.AscendensAsia.com).
  3. You shall receive an email confirming your submission. Please check your SPAM folder as well.
  4. If the proposed Research Abstract is accepted for presentation, an email shall be sent to the author in 2 to 3 days. However, you may also follow up the status thru the contact person stated in the event poster.
  5. If paper is accepted for presentation, settle the registration fee.
  6. Proof of payment shall be submitted at the event page (EventsReg.AscendensAsia.com).


  1. JMRC Oral Presenters are given 10 mins to discuss about his/her research paper. Another 5 minutes is given for Q&A.
  2. JMRC Oral Presenters shall submit his/her presentation in a flash drive at the registration table at the event day and venue.
  3. Organisers are not liable in any loss or damage of files and/or flash drive that may occur while transferring the researchers’ presentation from the presenters’ flash drive.
  4. JMRC Poster Presenters shall have their poster printed by the organisers.
  5. JMRC Poster Presenters may claim their posters after the event.



In general, registrations are accepted in the order of their receipt in the registration webpage. There is, however, no entitlement to conclude a contract to participate. No contract will arise until our confirmation of registration or our invoice is received.


Payment must be done according to event’s payment details. No payment must be done onsite or on the day of event. However, in some cases, onsite payment is allowed with an additional of 10% of the payable amount or PHP 500, whichever is higher.


We are entitled to cancel an event for good cause (e.g. insufficient participants to cover costs, last-minute unavailability of a speaker or any substitute). If there will be any, the Participant will be informed within 15 days before the event and the registration fee returned; any other claims against us are excluded.

We are also entitled to make other changes to events as long as it is reasonable to expect the Participant to accept this (e.g. agenda, timetable, venue changes). We will give notice of such changes immediately on our websites and inform the Participant by e-mail if we have his/her e-mail address.


Participants are entitled to cancel their participation and entitled for full refund provided that cancellation is made thirty (30) days prior to the event.  In the case of cancellation up to two weeks before the event begins the cancellation fee is 50% of the agreed registration fee. Otherwise, no later cancellation is permitted.


Registration fee is refundable based to terms and conditions stated in number 3 and 4. Any refund must be processed within 30 calendar days after the event date.


Certificates shall only be issued to participants who attended the event.


The organisers shall be informed at once regarding correction in certificate details. If the correction is caused by the production of the organisers, the participant shall receive his/her certificate with no cost. Otherwise, shipping and admin fee shall be at participant’s cost. Corrected certificates shall be received by participants in 15 to 60 days.


Local participants are attendees from the country where the event is hosted.


Senior High School and undergraduate participants are entitled of 15% discount the agreed registration fee regardless of early bird or regular rate. However, if the event is a Multidisciplinary Research Festival (MRF), no discount shall be applied.


Official receipt is available and will be given at the venue and on the day of the event in exchange of original deposit slip or proof of payment. Strictly no original deposit slip or proof of payment, no official receipt.


We will collect, process and utilise Participant’s necessary data for the event purpose. We are also entitled to use the data for the company’s future events. We are also entitled to provide any data to any other participants, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors at an event. The participant has the right to object to such disclosure any time.


Participating in the event regardless of participant’s role, clearly understands and accepts the abovementioned terms and condition.