RACE Philippines 2019


What is RACE all about?

RACE (Research Advocacy for Community Empowerment) is primarily designed to create opportunities for students, faculty, staff, professionals, and researchers-alike from different institutions to interrelate/interact with their counterparts in both a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. As the title speaks, it will be a MULTIDISCIPLINARY  Research Tournament + Festival.

TOURNAMENT: The Tournament will be a Research Poster Presentation Competition to be participated in by the top 10 best research papers from each and every public/private school in the area of coverage of a certain Schools Division.

FESTIVAL: Those who are not endorsed as top 10 best researches from their respective schools can still join in the Research Poster Festival category. Inclusivity will be fostered as this event is designed with an ultimate goal of promoting and celebrating research culture.

What to get out of RACE?

RACE is aimed at providing participants the following opportunities, perks, and privileges:

  1. Opportunity to develop young participants’ presentation skills to interrelate/interact with other researchers.
  2. Advancing participants’ personality development and critical thinking skills as they engage themselves in constructive discussions with other participating researchers.
  3. An e-copy of the "Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts" and "Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Tournament Qualifiers’ Abstracts" submitted to the National Library Board of Singapore.
  4. Kits
  5. Certificate of Participation for all participants, presenters and observers, jointly issued by Ascendens Asia Singapore, Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions, and collaborating institution/s.
  6. Certificate of Recognition for all presenting participants, jointly issued by Ascendens Asia Singapore, Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions, and collaborating institution/s.
  7. Tournament Prizes for the winning research papers
  8. *A CHANCE to WIN an ALL-EXPENSE PAID TRIP to one of identified ASEAN Countries where the national winners will have the opportunity to exhibit their research output. 

*The Top 5 National Tournament qualifier groups for each of both categories (K-12 Level Category AND Undergraduate/Graduate/Professional Level Category) in the national competition will have the chance to do an International Exhibition of their research works in one of the identified locations in Southeast Asia with a maximum of 5 members per team+ 1 coach for SHS and college, in case a group win in each category. As Prize for the National Tournament, SIMP-AAG will be sponsoring the airfare tickets, travel tax, local transportation, and accommodation of the winners for 3days/2nights. Note: In case of teams, only the team members who register as author/co-author participants from the first round and all the way to the national tournament will be eligible for the national prize.

Ascendens Asia International Researchers Club (AAIRC)

All participants of RACE shall be eligible for the “Lifetime Associate Membership” with the Ascendens Asia International Researchers Club (AAIRC). AAIRC, which has now members from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, India, Maldives, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, and and so on, aims to gather research enthusiasts and aspiring researchers with an ultimate objective of:

  • Increasing awareness on key aspects of the research process
  • Motivating members to engage in research activities
  • Developing members’ presentation and critical thinking skills
  • Building interaction amongst members within a research context through events organised or endorsed by the club