Public Program

Ascendens Asia International Centre for Leadership Studies (AAICLS) fulfills the group’s educational and human capital development mission by offering a short courses and applied learning experiences to a broad and inclusive community of students and professionals. The educational and training programs found within AAICLS combine theory with practice through programs led and delivered by experts in their fields, providing opportunities for participants to excel professionally. In keeping with Ascendens Asia’s values, AAICLS educates students and professionals to be self-reflective, critical thinkers who commit themselves to serve in greater society.

As a matter of fact, in the upcoming Master Certificate and Diploma programmes (composed of six (6) organic Master Certificates + Capstone Project) that AAICLS shall be offering to the public, each Master Certificate that is composed of four (4) 32-hour Modules delivered in blended approach has built-in case processing requirements. Such case-based approach intends to open up awareness and draw out professionals to tackle relevant issues in the society and environment and come up with solutions that they could also make use of in their own respective organisations. Faculty experts are then encouraged to lead their classes to have a mindset of developing innovative and creative approaches in solving problems that the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals aim to address.