Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts, Vol. 1, No. 2A, Oct. 2017

Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts, Vol. 1, No. 2A, Oct. 2017

Editorial Board

Dr. Carmencita L. Castolo

Managing Editor
Dr. Glenn S. Cabacang

Dr. Desserie T. Maynes-Blanco

Editorial Assistants
Joenel L. Carlos
Rock Brian B. Matias


The Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts (AAJMRA) is a collection of abstracts of research papers presented during Multidisciplinary Research Fests (MRFs), Joint Multidisciplinary Research Conferences (JMRCs), and Joint Multidisciplinary Conferences Plus (JRMCs+) mainly organised by Ascendens Asia Singapore in collaboration with various institutions and learned societies. MRFs, JMRCs, and JMRCs+ provide opportunities for collaboration with a common prime objective of creating platforms for students, faculty, staff, and researchers-alike from different institutions to interrelate/interact with their counterparts. MRFs, JMRCs, and JMRCs+ are expected to aide and promote personality development and critical thinking as participants engage themselves in constructive discussions with other participating researchers. All full papers of researches included in the AAMJRA are equally given the opportunity to go through similarity index tests and double-blind peer reviews for inclusion in the Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (AAJMR).

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AAJMR/AAJMRA Board of Reviewers

Dr. Derik Steyn
Professor of Marketing, Cameron University, USA
PhD of Marketing & M.Com., Potchefstroom University, South Africa

Dr. Carmencita L. Castolo
Dean, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Graduate School, Philippines
DEM, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Philippines

Dr. Glenn S. Cabacang
President, Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions, Singapore
Chairman, Ascendens Asia Group, Singapore
DBA, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Philippines

Dr. Gloria Baken Wong-Siy
Founder, Association of Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Management Educational Institutions
DPA, Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, Philippines

Dr. Haji Zulkifly Baharom
CEO, Sejahtera Leadership Initiative, Malaysia
PhD in Leadership Capital, International University of Entreprenology, USA

Dr. Desserie Maynes-Blanco
Secretary, Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Graduate School
DEM, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Philippines

Dr. Leveric T. Ng
Assistant Professor, Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business, Philippines
DBA, De La Salle University, Philippines

Dr. Ronnie V. Amorado
VP for Academic Planning and Services, University of Mindanao, Philippines
PhD, Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines

Dr. Edward M. Moises
Dean, School of Management & Information Technology, De La Salle - College of St. Benilde, Philippines
PhD, Philippine Christian University

Dr. Maria Jocelyn Jawid
Faculty, College of St. Benilde, Philippines
PhD, De La Salle University, Philippines

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Facts and opinions published in Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts (AAMJRA) express solely the opinions of the respective authors. Authors are responsible for their citing of sources and the accuracy of their references and bibliographies. The editors cannot be held responsible for any lack or possible violations of third parties’ rights. Interested parties may also directly contact authors to request for full copies of the journal proceedings.

Papers Presented

Global Business
Global Business Models Arising from the Utilization of ICT as a Means to Generate Sustainable Livelihood among Communities in Marginalized and Challenging Environments
Ms. Hazel B. Alfon, RChm, MESODEV

Efficiency of Reinsurance on Risk Mitigation and Profitability in Nonlife Insurance Company
Ms. Maria Felisa U. Azurin, MBA

Marketing Strategies of Local IT Distributors Anchored to the Trends in the Global Business Industry
Mr. Mark Jayson C. Bitualia, MBA

Customer Satisfaction on the Products and Services of Seven Eleven Stores
Mr. Harold P. Dellosa, MBA

Employee Work Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Cargo Shipping Companies in the National Capital Region
Dr. Louvelle S. Formentera

Importance of Fraud Prevention and Awareness in a Business Organization
Ms. Veronica C. Fulleros, MBA

Hiring Challenges and Competition in the International Food and Beverages Industry
Mr. Jayvie O. Guballo, LR, MBA

Managing Business Organizational Change on Global Perspective
Ms. Naidette L. Lasaleta, MBA

Impact of Sharing Economy to the Sustainability of Global Hotel Industry
Mr. Marvin V. Lascano, CPA, CFC, MBA

Managing Risks and Challenges of Businesses into International Trade
Mr. Rock Bryan B. Matias, MBA

Green Accounting and its Impact on International Trade of Selected Utility Companies
Ms. Andrea Rose E. Rimorin, CPA, MBA

Promoting Work-life Balance in the Workplace: A Tool for Attraction, Productivity and Retention of Employees
Ms. Renielle Soriano-Rogel, MBA

Sustainability of Global Businesses despite Terrorism
Mr. Ryan C. Roque, CPA, MBA

A Study on Retention Strategies and Attrition Analysis in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry and Its Impact to the Global Business Operations
Ms. Mariel Lloren Salguero, MBA

The Role of Online Marketing to Small and Medium Enterprises in Global Recognition
Mr. Eivin B. Tolentino, MBA

Global Business Challenges in Internal Control Implementation
Ms. Velissa Rubaya-Tolibas, CPA, MBA

A Review of the Provisions of R.A. 9178 (BMBE Law) to the Challenges Faced by the Philippines BMBEs
Ms. Joanna Marie C. Uy, CPA, MBA

Customers’ Preferences in Malls
Mr. Jan Paolo S. Vila, MBA

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