Social Responsibility

We have initiated our social responsibility programs through a project promoting infusion of ideas related to leadership, corporate governance, and sustainability. In partnership with Polytechnic University of the Philippines Graduate School, the Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions Pte. Ltd., and the Royal Institution, Singapore, we convened to organize an “International Conference on Corporate Governance: Relationship Between and Amongst Leadership, Corporate Governance, and Sustainability” (ICGC2017) on March 5, 2017 at the Hotel Jen, Manila, Philippines. The ICGC2017 stemmed from the desire to further promote awareness on the impact of good leadership and good corporate governance to the economy and society. Through this conference we aim to create a lasting and positive impact to corporate boards by educating them and opening their eyes to the limitless possibilities of crafting corporate governance frameworks for their respective organizations that significantly contributes to the attainment of some, if not all, of the Sustainability Development Goals. The conference is open to the general public for FREE by putting it on live streaming as we know that the sharing of ideas in this conference would be beneficial to the greater public, and it will serve our purpose well.

In the upcoming months, through the Ascendens Asia Educational Foundation (PH), Inc., we aim to hold One (1) 2-Day Public Forum every after 2 months that would devote on Creating Awareness and Understanding on the Implications of UN Sustainable Development Goals across various industries, opportunities and responsibilities.