The Controller’s Job in Today’s Environment

Get skills to effectively meet the increasing demands of the controller’s role!

Your immediate takeaway

• Identify the four quadrants of the controller’s role and their scope
• Protect your company’s finances in changing financial climates
• Be a more valued business partner in your company’s future

Not only has the scope of the controller’s role evolved significantly in companies of all sizes—but the demands of the job are constantly changing. To stay effective as a controller and add greater value to the organization, you must be acutely aware of how your job functions are impacted by today’s increasing expectations. That means taking a closer look at the four hats every controller must wear: number cruncher; custodian; analyst; business partner.

This course will help both new and experienced controllers in small, medium, and large organizations recognize these changes in scope. You’ll discover how to improve your effectiveness in the four key areas, or quadrants. As you go through the course, you will also experience a detailed case study in which you’ll work through real-life scenarios that explore the responsibilities of each quadrant. In addition, get the specific tools, knowledge, and hands-on experience you need in order to confidently perform your job in increasingly challenging circumstances.

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